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I am Jackie Lee, a retired computer analyst managing the Indie Book Sales website to showcase the Mystery and Adventure novels written by my husband and best friend, Art Lee.

Art Lee is my ‘better half’ who has written 12 exciting mysteries as the Morgan Crew Murder Mystery Series.  In addition, he has written an exciting adventure novel about the rescue of a young man from the depths of Africa and the blood diamond trade.  But the novel closest to his heart is Three Families, the story of a young couple trying to form a life within the violent Mafia.

All of Art’s book pages are linked to the online booksellers including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and Kobo for purchasing.  We do not sell any books directly from this site.

Contact us at admin@artleenovels.com.

Site Manager:

        Jackie Lee, Webmaster


        4252 N. Orange Blossom Trail, Suite 10
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Art Lee, Viet Nam Veteran

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Message from Morgan Crew

Hi readers, I want to bring you up to date on all that Sandy and I are doing. As usual,...
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