Book 13 of the Morgan Crew Murder Mystery Series.

At the request of Joseph Cross's old friend and mentor Chris Rochester, Joseph (Wait Until The Dark Of Night) and Morgan Crew work together to find out who is behind the deaths of Argentinian farmers. They find themselves up against a cold and blood thirsty killer who will stop at nothing to take all the land for himself.

In this suspenseful thriller, Morgan becomes more like his friend Cross, running head long into certain death time and again. While investigating the murders, Morgan is wooed by a beautiful woman who wants to be his mistress.

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Book Cover: Wait Until The Dark Of Night
Part of the Art Lee Mystery and Adventure Series series:
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Wait Until The Dark Of Night - Book 2 of the Art Lee Mystery and Adventure Series by Author and Investigator Art Lee.

Wait Until The Dark Of Night is a spin-off from Lee's popular "Morgan Crew Murder Mystery Series." Joseph Cross, who helped Morgan Crew in A Deadly London Fog, is an American ex-patriot who owns a luxurious casino in London. He is high up in the criminal world of the UK, running smuggling operations and dealing in illegal diamonds.

His worst enemy, a Member of Parliament, asks for his help to rescue her son, who was kidnapped by an African warlord while doing mission work in Uganda. Cross sees this as an opportunity to get her and the police off his back and agrees to help. He makes use of his criminal contacts in Switzerland, Amsterdam, and Tenerife and hires a French mercenary group to back up his plans. He then travels deep into Africa, risking death and imprisonment again and again, never knowing if he or the young man will ever make it out alive.

And, despite his criminal reputation, Cross maintains he is willing to put his life at risk because 'It is the right thing to do.' The character is what Lee likes to describe as the "good bad guy."

Reviews:Anonymous on Barnes and Noble wrote:

This book is well worth reading and is a different flavor than Arthur Lee's other books. It is intense. The main character Joseph Cross is more of a man's man. He is not afraid to face death to do what needs to be done. But I found myself liking him and fearing what might happen next. The book is a thriller that is so packed with action that it is hard to put down. There are three female characters, all very different, strong, and sensual - excellent characterization.

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Book Cover: Three Families
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Pages: 456
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ISBN: 978-0-615-84868-6
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 456

Three Families - Book One of the Art Lee Mystery and Adventure Series.  A Love Story within the Mafia.

"Three Families" is the suspenseful story of a handsome, tough, Italian teen, Tony Moretti, whose goal is to work his way up through the local Mafia in Northern New Jersey.  He begins his climb, and in the midst of the crime and killings, he falls in love with Teresa Falzone, the daughter of a Mafia Boss.  The passionate love affair must be kept secret to protect them both from deadly consequences.

As Teresa faces the brutality of an angry father, Tony forges a deadly path to try to make their love possible.  He encounters the lust for power and money among three levels of the Mafia Family and the will to kill anyone who gets in the way.  Will Tony and Teresa ever be able to be together, or will they both perish in the fight?

The mystery, suspense and surprises of this thrilling novel will keep you turning page after page to see what happens next.  The details of Mafia life and the crime family members in the 1950's and 1960's are surprisingly real in this crime thriller and are based on the author's own observations and experiences while growing up in a rough area of New Jersey.

In the "Mystery and Adventure Series," Lee explores the psyche of men who live in the world of crime.  These men, like Joseph Cross in "Wait Until The Dark Of Night" and Tony Moretti in "Three Families," do not run from danger; they run towards it without hesitation, relishing the fear and the rush that a near death experience provides.  This results in a constant sense of suspense and intrigue for the reader, who has to wonder what will happen on the next page.

Reviews:Wisdom Seeker on Amazon wrote:

Saga of a Mafia Genius

This novel, which I received as a gift, is an entertaining departure from the author’s Morgan Crew mystery series. Although Three Families isn’t a mystery, it has plot twists that the most avid mystery readers will have a hard time predicting.

Tony, the hero of this saga, is extremely clever even in his teen years. In the face of threatening situations, dysfunctional family members, and personal setbacks, he manages to keep his wits about him and stay one step ahead of a terrible demise throughout his action-packed life.

Some people might think he is unrealistically smart for his age, but there are geniuses in every field of endeavor, and I was not put off by his intelligence and shrewdness just because he comes from a poor neighborhood. In any case, if you don’t insist on taking everything too literally, this is a fun easy read.


Anonymous on Barnes and Noble wrote:

This book was so good I read it twice. It's another great Arthur Lee novel, just not a Morgan Crew Mystery. The characters are so real and colorful. The romance will grab your heart, and the suspense has you yelling, "No, don't do that - you'll get killed!" This is a must read for all the Morgan Crew fans.