My friend Bailey Guinigundo is a hobbyist photographer who loves to photograph celebrities and be photographed with them.  Last year he had the honor of meeting Robin Williams, and his encounter revealed Robin’s true nature.  Here is his inspiring account:

“I met Robin Williams January 30 2013 waiting outside of an Orlando venue prior to one of his scheduled performances. Many people stood waiting, hoping to catch a glimpse of him. As many were looking for a fancy SUV / limousine to pull up with the star, I stood apart from the crowd on the sidewalk, waiting with a few other friends. In the distance a figure came closer and closer towards us and I realized it was Robin Williams walking toward me — he apparently was walking from his hotel on his way to the venue. As he was about to pass me on the sidewalk, he smiled as we looked each other in the eye and I asked if I could have an autograph. He nodded and signed each of the 4 items I had for him. BailyandRobin

“When the other fans realized it was him, each of them also asked for an autograph. After several signings, I approached him again asking if we could take a photograph together, for which he patiently posed. He continued to do this for each and EVERY single other person who was out there… he waited until each of us was happy, even taking the time to glance around the crowd asking if anyone had been missed. Thank you, Mr. Williams, for the fond memories from my earliest TV-watching days and for living up to the hyped-up, warm, and friendly personality I had imagined and hoped you would be in person. I will not pretend to know you, but I will certainly cherish the brief interaction I had with you on that January night. You were one of the nicest celebs / people I’ve ever met, and that encounter will always be one of my favorites.”

Visit Bailey’s News Site to see more pictures:

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