In December 2016, Mystery Author Art Lee and I took a Princess Cruise to Hawaii. One of the tours took us to the Kilauea Volcano on the big island of Hawaii. We had visited Hawaii many times before but had never seen an actual eruption. This time we got lucky.

On previous trips we were able to step right up to the rim of the largest crater and look down 400 feet to the relatively dormant bottom. But this time there was no getting close. The crater was alive, with molten lava filling the crater and fiery lava spraying up to 100 feet into the air in multiple locations. We were taken to a lookout point a few yards from the quietest side of the crater, looking over to one of the eruptions on the far side of the crater. A short stone wall blocked visitors from getting too close. To fall over the edge would be an instant and horrible death.

Art and I walked out as far as we were allowed, and I took out my pocket camera and started taking pictures. I have always had an interest in geological events, and I knew that we were witnessing a once in a lifetime unforgettable spectacle of nature. Below are links to two video shots I took that I would like to share with you. Open them up in the largest screen possible to realize the enormity of what we saw.

Be patient. They take a few minutes to load. Enjoy!

Kilauea Volcano Video
First Video of Kilauea
Kilauea Volcano Video
Second Video of Kilauea

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