A woman gets pulled over by a cop for speeding. He comes to her window and asks her if she knows how fast she was going. She swears that she couldn’t have been going more than about 5 miles over the speed limit. The cop tells her she’s been going 70 in a 40 mph zone and asks to see her driver’s license.

The woman says, “I don’t have a license.” So he asks to see her registration. She replies, “I could show it to you but it’s not my registration because I stole the car.” When the cop asks her why she stole the car, she says, “I needed it to get rid of the body in the trunk.”

By this time the cop decides this is really serious and calls for backup. The police chief responds to the call and approaches the driver side window. He says to the woman, “I understand you don’t have a license.” She says, “Sure I do,” and hands it to him.

“And you stole this car?” She tells him, “No officer; it’s mine,” and hands him her registration.

Then the police chief asks her to open the trunk, which she does immediately. He pokes around in the trunk and is dumbfounded when he doesn’t find a body. He returns to the window, confused, and says, “I don’t understand. This officer said you didn’t have a license, you stole this car, and there was a body in the trunk.

To which the woman replies, “Yes, and I’ll bet he told you I was speeding too.”

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