The Hawaiian Sunset Murders - Book 5 of the Morgan Crew Murder Mystery Series by Author and Investigator Art Lee.

A powerful, suspenseful mystery, and one of Lee's best sellers! Morgan travels to the exotic Hawaiian Islands but not for pleasure. He is once again sent by his family, accountants, and lawyers to save a family investment. He is challenged by a Hawaiian family of power and influence who use murder as easily as they use political manipulation.

And he is forced to face the wrath of the ancient Hawaiian gods who will protect a centuries old altar of human sacrifice. Surrounded by death and mystery and the very real nightmares of demons and ghosts from centuries in the past, Morgan must also live with the fear of having lost his wife, Sandy. She has, for the first time, not traveled with him and Morgan cannot reach her by phone. She seems to have disappeared, but to where and for what purpose? This chilling mystery will hold the reader spellbound to the very end.

Reviews:Anonymous on Barnes and Noble wrote:

Love each of the Morgan Crew books. I read each book in order and it left me wanting more.


Piemaker on Amazon wrote:

My first Morgan Crew Mystery

Very enjoyable reading. Always enjoy the back ground of Hawaii. So good I bought another in the series right away.


joni on Amazon wrote:

Everlasting Beauty

I enjoyed this book so much, I couldn't put it down. I was captured by the Hawaiian Island spirit. I could smell the ocean , feel the island breeze, visualize the colorful flowers as the story unfolded. I've lived on the islands and also have traveled to other islands . It never gets old it is always a welcome adventure. You will be drawn into the mystery and suspense as I was.Any one who enjoys Hawaii can appreciate this Island mystery.


Andrea M. Gerich on Amazon wrote:

This is a great series, I hope that Arthur Lee writes more in the series, always a surprise ending and just when you think you have figured it out... another twist comes your way.


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