The Hawaiian Island Murders - Book 8 of the Morgan Crew Murder Mystery Series by Author and Investigator Art Lee.

It is the middle of winter, and it has been bitter cold and snowing in San Marcos, the Northern California home of Morgan and Sandy Crew. They decide to take Caroline on a warm, relaxing vacation to sun and sand of the Big Island of Hawai'i. Caroline's nanny, Betsy, a college student, chooses to stay home and study for upcoming exams.

The Crews have just settled into an elegant suite in their family owned beach-side resort, when an old friend asks for help. A young Hawaiian man who was unknowingly working for the Mafia, has been murdered, and a young, beautiful, and sensuous, pure Hawaiian woman, the mother of the dead man's child, needs to know how and why. Experience the true beauty of the Island and its people, along with the suspense and terror that Morgan goes through as he unravels the mysterious details of the man's death.

Meanwhile, Betsy becomes deeply involved in a search for a missing fellow student, a co-ed from a well-to-do family. Fearing that the young student is in trouble, Betsy defies the advice of Police Lt. Sommers, who tells her to leave the Missing Persons Investigation to him. But she has learned a great deal from Morgan. She perseveres, forcing herself to continue in spite of the fear she feels. She finds herself in one chilling and horrifying situation after another, which may finally cost Betsy her own life.

Reviews:Bernyce on Barnes and Noble wrote:

Suspenseful mystery with great characters in a beautiful setting. I love to read books about Hawaii, and it is obvious that the author knows the islands and the people.


Billie Jean White on Amazon wrote:

Fun, easy book to read

Haven't read first 4 but intend to now. Fun, easy book to read. Love to read about Hawaiin culture & landmarks.


ELAINE R PAIGE on Amazon wrote:

4.0 out of 5 stars a good mystery book!

read this book if you like mysteries


The Las Vegas Murders - Book 2 of the Morgan Crew Murder Mystery Series.

(Previously published as "A Hot Desert Moon") A series of murders at an exclusive High Rollers casino in Las Vegas has one of Morgan's cousins in jail, accused of one of the deaths. Morgan is sent by his family to help the boy. He discovers massive thefts from the casino which he and his family own.

At the turn of every page Morgan and his wife are drawn deeper into the morass, mystery and danger. The heat of the desert, throughout the day and dark nights, add to the environment of peril in a novel you won't want to put down until the very surprising and shocking ending.

Reviews:Anonymous on Barnes and Noble wrote:

Great characters

Love the action and smart dialogue


Anonymous on Barnes and Noble wrote:

Love each of the Morgan Crew books. Sure wish Arthur Lee would write more.


Anonymous on Barnes and Noble wrote:

Well Written

I love all the twists and turns - some predictable - some not. Mr. Lee does a great job weaving them together in the end.


Andrea M. Gerich on Amazon wrote:

This is a great series, I hope tht Arthur Lee writes more in the series, always a surprise ending and just when you think you have figured it out... another twist comes your way.


J. Belcher on Amazon wrote:

A Roller Coaster of Twists and Turns

With each new book Morgan Crew welcomes you into his world of unbelievable wealth, exotic travel, true romance and deadly peril. The Morgan Crew mystery series pulls you into the fascinating lives of Morgan and his wife Sandy as they stumble into danger and excitement. The reader feels an instant bond with the likeable main characters. From the first page until the last you'll be an active participant trapped in the fantasy that is Morgan Crew. It's a great ride!